How Long Do Socks Last? – When You Should Replace Your Socks

Torn diabetic socks

Nothing lasts forever, not even your socks. While it may be easy to tell when it’s time to get rid of your old shoes, your rotten vegetables, or your spoiled milk, it can be tougher to determine when you need to say goodbye to one of your most beloved pairs of socks. 

Like all things in life, socks have a lifespan of their own. We’ve broken it down in stages. 

Stage 1: The Socks Are Brand New 

You’ve finally ordered your pair of Viasox diabetic or compression socks, and they’ve finally arrived in the mail. You unwrap the packaging, and your brand-new socks are ready to be worn. The fabric is in perfect shape, the colors are nice and bright, and you can’t wait to slip these on your feet and show your friends. 

Stage 2: The Socks Are in Full Swing

This is our favorite stage of the life cycle of our diabetic and compression socks. Like a good pair of shoes, your socks are perfectly comfortable by the second stage. They’ve quickly reached the top of the list of your favorite socks to wear, and you’re wearing them often. They’ve been washed, and they’re soft, cozy, and comfy. 

Stage 3: The Socks Are in Their Twilight Years

By this point, you’ve worn your socks quite a bit. They’ve been subjected to just about everything: you’ve taken them on long hikes in the woods, you’ve worn them while bowling, and washed them dozens and dozens of times. The colors aren’t as bright as they once were, and the fabric isn’t as fresh as it once was. They still have some life to them, but the end of the road is in sight. 

Stage 4: The Socks Are on Life Support 

At this stage, it’s probably best to consider getting a new pair of Viasox. The fabric is visibly pilled and worn, and in certain places the fabric is threadbare. Some small holes have begun to appear on the sock, but you’ll shrug them off for now, as they’re still your favorite socks. 

Stage 5: Your Socks Have Reached the End

It’s finally time to call it quits on your favorite pair of Viasox diabetic or compression socks. The socks are filled with gaping holes, the colors are a shadow of their former selves, and its finally time for you to order your new pair of socks. 

How Long Do Your Socks Last? 

How long your socks last really depends on how well they’re taken care of. Generally speaking, most pairs of socks last a year or so, if they’re made of high-quality materials, like our non-binding diabetic socks and our compression socks

Since our socks at Viasox are made using high-quality charcoal-infused bamboo, they’re made to last. However, all good things come to an end. When your Viasox socks are filled with holes, it’s time to buy a new pair of socks. Although we do love a well-loved pair of Viasox socks, nothing feels better than putting on a fresh pair! 

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