White Diabetic Socks

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Designed, Processed & Shipped From North America In 3 Days

Sizing Guide

** All sizes fit calf sizes up to 30 inches in circumference **

Features Of Your Viasox

Unrestricting Calf

Proper fit around the calf reduces sock marks that cause irritation and swelling without sliding down

Odor Resistant & Antimicrobial

Bamboo's antimicrobial effect keeps your feet free of moisture and bacteria, reducing the chance of infection while allowing your feet to breathe

Seamless Toe

Seamless toe design reduces the risk of blisters, ulcers, and chafing on your toes to ensure your toes are safe and comfortable all day

Padded Bottom

The extra toe to heel padding improves shock absorption so you can enjoy your day-to-day activities without the pain in your feet!


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