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Two legs wearing blue diabetic socks with a side of a sock being stretched
Hand stretching a sock worn on two standing legs

Diabetic Socks For Instant Neuropathy Pain Relief

  • Reduces the burning, stabbing and tingling pains in your feet & legs
  • Protects your feet from neuropathy with triple padded bamboo soles
  • Non-Binding design eliminates irritating socks marks
  • Tired of Numb, Tingling Feet & Legs?

    Tired of Numb, Tingling Feet & Legs?

    Diabetic Neuropathy is an invisible pain nobody seems to understand. But Viasox does. That’s why we’re dedicated to fighting your:

    Burning, “Stabbing” nerve zaps

    Throbbing, swollen leg and foot pain

    Pesky tingling and numb sensations

    Discomfort from sock ring imprints

    Foot ulcers, infections and nerve sensitivity issues

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  • Protected & Insured Packages

  • Around the Clock Support

  • Proudly North American

  • Always Giving Back

  • Meet the STRETCHIEST solution to Diabetic Neuropathy

    Meet the STRETCHIEST solution to Diabetic Neuropathy

    Here’s why people with diabetes are obsessed with our Non-Binding Socks:

    Triple padded support for all-day foot protection from diabetic neuropathy

    The stretchiest socks on the market making them easy to put on and take off

    Non-binding to eliminate irritating and painful sock marks

    Anti-microbial bamboo material prevents infections, reduces odors and keep feet dry

    Seamless toe design prevents foot ulcers, rubbing, infections and more

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    How Can Non-Binding Diabetic Socks Help With My Neuropathy?

    How Can Non-Binding Diabetic Socks Help With My Neuropathy?

    Nerve damage from neuropathy causes your feet to be extremely sensitive. Our non-binding diabetic socks have triple padded bamboo soles to reduce the burning and stabbing sensations from peripheral neuropathy. This will allow you to finally get the comfort you deserve.

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    What People Are Saying

    5 Star Review
    Kelly R.
    Love these socks. For the first time in a decade, I have been able to wear knee high socks!
    5 Star Review
    Hellen H.
    First pair of socks that truly help my pain in my feet.
    5 Star Review
    Adele S.
    They are smooth and confortable. Non-binding relaxing feeling on legs.
    5 Star Review
    Bonnie K.
    I love the fact that they don’t cut off my circulation but stay in place on my leg.

    What Debra had to say about how Viasox helped her Neuropathy

    What Debra had to say about how Viasox helped her Neuropathy


    Said Viasox has helped with the numbness, tingling, sharp, burning or similar pains in their legs or feet


    Agree that Viasox are the stretchiest socks they’ve ever owned


    Would you recommend Viasox to a friend or family member?

    *Results according to clinical/consumer studies.

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    Regular Socks
    • Zero
    • Cuts of Blood Flow
    • Promotes Foot Pain
    • Not For Diabetics
    Non-Binding Viasox
    • Extremely
    • Optimizes Blood Flow
    • Relieves Tingling & Numbness
    • Triple Padded Support

    Over $440,000 Contributed to Diabetic Charities!

    Over $440,000 Contributed to Diabetic Charities!

    Viasox is proud of our legacy of giving back. Through past initiatives, including our $1-per-order program, we've collectively contributed over $440,000 to charitable causes focused on diabetes. Thank you for being part of this positive impact.

    Diabetic Impact


    Legs of a lady wearing cat diabetic socks
    Sabrina S.
    Great! Would buy again!
    Bought these for my mom (and swelling in her legs) and she loves them! She says they are so comfortable! Would recommend and buy again.
    Legs of a lady wearing floral non-binding diabetic socks
    Rachel M.
    I love how soft &
    I love how soft & snug my socks fit! I enjoy the fun print, too! They have made a huge difference, because I am now able to sleep in comfort instead of pain from diabetic neuropathy! Grateful!
    Legs of a lady wearing black boots and multicolor non-binding diabetic socks
    Louis M.
    Get your sock on.
    These are very easy to put on. I love the different styles. These are very comfortable compression socks. Viasox has great deals and specials. Get your pair today.
    Person wearing black shoes with blue polka dot non-binding diabetic socks
    Eric M.
    Days 1,2,3.
    Support without discomfort! Easy to get on. I have one good hand and am in a wheelchair all day, so yeah; ease of getting them on and off is very important to me. And they are! I have written a happy review on your facebook page and have been posting me wearing a new pair each day on my own page. On day three, wearing the skyblue with white polka dots today. Tell all how I love them! Extolling the virtues of your wares when I am able, braggin’ on ya’ll when I just gotta say! 😎
    Legs of a lady wearing cat diabetic socks
    Eric M.
    Loving these!!
    Loving this design! This was the first pair I actually wore. Made me so very grateful that I had purchased a full week’s worth of different designs!
    Legs of a person wearing floral diabetic socks.
    Julie O.
    I’ve spent a fortune on
    I’ve spent a fortune on compression socks that I can barely pull over my ankles. And are worse to try and pull up to my knees. And so tight I can’t wear them for very long. I only got these sock two days ago and they are just so much easier to get on and wear. I like the thicker bottoms on them too. Can’t complain but would like some different designs. Bees. Flowers. Balloons. Chickens. Just a thought. Glad I found yours. Julie olson
    Legs of a lady wearing cat diabetic socks
    Ellen B.
    Super comfortable socks with fun
    Super comfortable socks with fun patterns! Finally, a diabetic sock that fits well and has style. These stocks stay up and don’t dig into our legs. My husband and I both wear them and love these socks!!!


    What Do Viasox Non-Binding Diabetic Socks Do?

    Viasox Non-Binding Diabetic Socks are designed to promote healthy blood flow circulation and prevent blood from collecting in the ankles and feet. Unlike regular socks, they are made without an elastic band at the top which compromises blood flow circulation.

    How Will Viasox Non-Binding Diabetic Socks Make Me Feel?

    Your Viasox Non-Binding Diabetic Socks will feel make you feel comfort in every step. Whether you have diabetic neuropathy, require special foot care, or just wide ankles and calves, our socks are designed to make your legs and feet feel alive all day, so you can sleep comfortably at night.

    How Long Should I Wear Viasox Non-Binding Diabetic Socks For?

    For best results, we recommend wearing your Viasox Non-Binding Diabetic Socks during the day and taking them off before you sleep.

    How often should I wash my Viasox Non-Binding Diabetic Socks?

    While Viasox are infused with an antimicrobial material, washing your garment is still required. For optimal results, washing after every use is recommended.