How To Select The Best Diabetic Socks

The Best Diabetic Socks

Finding the appropriate diabetic socks can be easy if you know what you need. In our best diabetic socks review, we’ll go over the basics that will help you find just the perfect pair.

Besides mentioning the crucial details, we’ll also compare them to other types of socks and explain what makes them unique. Furthermore, we’ll note where you can get them and what’s the best value.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Why Do You Need Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks are for those with diabetes. It can cause other foot conditions, which can, in severe cases, lead to amputation. Usually, these conditions are neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease.

While one leads to loss of feeling in the legs, the other impacts the blood vessels, making them narrower. Combining these two conditions is especially dangerous, as any cuts or other similar injuries become infected more easily.

Diabetic socks prevent this from happening. Their specific design improves the blood flow while keeping the legs warm and injury-free.

How to Find the Best Diabetic Socks

There are several essential things to consider before purchasing the top-rated neuropathy socks. 

Those are:

  • Material
  • Padding
  • Length
  • Antimicrobial Properties
  • Style

When it comes to material, diabetic socks should make it easy for your skin to breathe and reduce the presence of any moisture on your feet. All of these socks rely on spandex for flexibility, but in combination with a range of other materials. 

For example, Viasox diabetic socks use organic bamboo materials. They ensure that your feet remain comfortable and dry while letting the skin breathe.

When it comes to padding, this property will depend on your daily activities. If you’re an active person, extra padding will make it easier to be on your feet for long periods. Furthermore, you can get diabetic socks with extra padding for different parts of your feet.

Padding does not only help with comfort. It also reduces friction, reducing the chance of ulcers from appearing.

When looking for diabetic socks, if you want to improve your circulation effectively, pick either over the calf or over the knee types.

Make sure that the socks you choose have antimicrobial properties. These properties will keep your feet bacteria-free and fungi-free. That’ll further reduce the chances of infections.

For a long time, the wearers of diabetic socks could wear only white ones. Luckily, brands like Viasox now deliver stylish diabetic socks in numerous colors. That makes it easier to match them with your everyday outfit.


Diabetic Socks vs. Compression Socks vs. Regular Socks

Regular socks keep your feet warm, but the materials used are not the best option for people with diabetes. On top of that, the main seam that goes across the toes can cause unnecessary irritation. These socks are also not designed to deal with moisture.

Compression socks are for a completely different range of conditions. Their pressure level makes it easier for the blood to travel back to a patient’s heart. While that’s an appropriate solution for some conditions, it’s terrible for those who have diabetes.

The pressure reduces blood flow in those with peripheral arterial disease.

Diabetic socks are somewhere in between. They fit the wearer’s feet perfectly without forming any lumps. That ensures the ultimate comfort for its wearer. Furthermore, they’re seamless, which would allow you to wear them without any irritation.

Besides the difference in materials and pressure, extra padding is also standard for diabetic socks. It usually goes around the toes, the sock bottom, or at the heel of the foot. That’s not something that regular and compression socks feature.

Diabetic socks’ unique design provides the highest level of comfort. That’s why many manufacturers have made different sizes, so they can perfectly fit any foot size.

Where to Buy Diabetic Socks

The most popular way is to get diabetic socks online. You’re can either purchasing directly from the brand or an online store. You can order them in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to Viasox, you can simply place an order and stay worry-free knowing that your diabetic socks are going to arrive at your doorstep shortly after placing your order.

Besides getting them online, you can also head over to any big retail store to buy them.

How Much Do They Cost?

You can find women’s diabetic socks ranging from $3 to over $100. The same goes for diabetic socks for men. The difference comes down to the materials used, brand, and the overall quality of the product.

However, finding the best value will is possible with diabetic socks ranging from $10 to $20.

Can You Use Diabetic Socks When Playing Sports?

Do you enjoy playing sports? You can slip on your diabetic socks and enjoy sports while wearing them. 

If you are planning to do this, see whether the socks have the following properties:

  • Bamboo material
  • Extra padding
  • Size

Other materials keep a lot of moisture around your feet. That’s especially true for regular socks. Diabetic socks with bamboo will let your skin breathe and reduce moisture.

Besides comfort, extra padding will keep your feet injury-free. You should opt for socks with extra padding under the whole foot.

Size might be the trickiest part. If the socks don’t fit right, you will spend half of your game pulling them up. But don’t go with too tight ones. You don’t want them pinching your legs. 

The right size will let you slip them on quickly without falling while you play the game.

You Can Depend on Viasox for the Best Diabetic Socks 

We hope that you’ll find the perfect diabetic socks that combine excellent quality at a reasonable price. 

Our Viasox diabetic socks fit all of the criteria mentioned above. Have a look at our products page to learn more about the many options you have with Viasox diabetic socks.
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