Non-Binding Diabetic Socks
Designed with a relaxed fit, these Viasox fit loosely around the calf to not constrict blood flow to your feet. These socks are not intended to apply compression.
Non-restricted circulation
Super Stretchy Calf
Triple padded sock bottom
Triple Padded Bottom
Antimicrobial fabric
Antimicrobial Bamboo
Seamless toe
Seamless Toe Design
Compression Diabetic Socks
Designed to improve circulation and reduce fatigue, mild 12-15 mmHg compression provides all-day energy in the legs and feet, while also combating varicose veins and edema.
Graduated compression
Gradual Compression
Improved blood circulation
Improves Blood Circulation
Triple padded sock bottom
Triple Padded Bottom
Antimicrobial fabric
Antimicrobial Bamboo
Ankle Collection
All the benefits you’ll find in our Non-Binding socks, but in a shorter style you’ll love!
Maximum Breathability
Antimicrobial Bamboo
Triple Padded Bottom
Seamless Toe Design

Collection: Ankle Socks


Ankle Socks

Diabetic Ankle Socks 

If you’re looking for the best ankle diabetic socks, Viasox has got you covered. Our diabetic ankle socks are made using odor-resistant materials and are designed with the health of your feet as a top priority. 

What Makes Viasox Men’s Diabetic Ankle Socks Special? 

Viasox men’s diabetic ankle socks are perfect for men with diabetes, as they feature a comfortable, non-binding fit that helps to promote blood flow. They’re also made using odor-fighting and breathable materials, which help to keep your feet feeling fresh all day long. 

If you’re someone who deals with foot pain, our ankle socks feature additional padding along the soles, which helps to keep your feet pain-free. We also offer dozens of unique styles, meaning your mens diabetic ankle socks will allow you to flaunt your creativity with ease. Say goodbye to boring grey, blue, and white (although we have those too!), and say hello to creative diabetic ankle socks for men.

Do You Offer Women's Diabetic Ankle Socks as Well? 

Absolutely! We offer diabetic ankle socks for men, and diabetic ankle socks for women as well. The sizing of our socks is unisex and will accommodate all sizes of feet. 

Our medium socks are suitable for men that wear 6-8 sized shoes, and for women that wear 5-9 sized shoes. Our large socks are suitable for men that wear 9-12 sized shoes, and for women that wear 10-13 sized shoes. Lastly, our extra-large socks are suitable for men who wear size 13+ shoes, and for women that wear size 14+ shoes. 

Are Ankle Diabetic Socks Good for People with Diabetes? 

The short answer is yes. If you’re someone with diabetes, monitoring the health of your feet is one of the most crucial aspects of healthcare that you should be aware of. Diabetic foot issues are extremely common and can affect the day-to-day quality of your life. 

Diabetic socks are an important tool to help keep the health of your diabetic feet in check. Our Viasox diabetic socks are made with high-quality, breathable, anti-microbial materials which help to reduce the risk of infection and keep your feet dry and fresh feeling. Ankle socks are a particularly good choice in the summertime for this reason. 

Our diabetic ankle socks also feature seamless toe designs and triple-padded soles for improved comfort when compared to conventional socks.