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Non-Binding Diabetic Socks
Designed with a relaxed fit, these Viasox fit loosely around the calf to not constrict blood flow to your feet. These socks are not intended to apply compression.
Non-restricted circulation
Super Stretchy Calf
Triple padded sock bottom
Triple Padded Bottom
Antimicrobial fabric
Antimicrobial Bamboo
Seamless toe
Seamless Toe Design
Compression Diabetic Socks
Designed to improve circulation and reduce fatigue, mild 12-15 mmHg compression provides all-day energy in the legs and feet, while also combating varicose veins and edema.
Graduated compression
Gradual Compression
Improved blood circulation
Improves Blood Circulation
Triple padded sock bottom
Triple Padded Bottom
Antimicrobial fabric
Antimicrobial Bamboo

Non-Binding Diabetic Socks

Designed, Handled & Distributed From North America. Shop Our Range Of Diabetic Socks Online. With Every Order Donating $1 For Diabetes Support.

Looking to buy diabetic socks online? You’ve come to the right place.

Our line of non-binding diabetic socks are the first of their kind 一 offering both fashion and practicality with our designs. Our incredibly stretchy and durable socks allow for adequate blood flow to the feet with additional foot padding to provide a very comfortable wearing experience.

For people living with diabetes, foot care is essential. We want to help you feel your best with non-restrive socks that won’t cause uncomfortable marks on your calves. Viasox diabetic socks keep your feet happy while also helping to treat:

  • Numbness and tingling in the feet
  • Foot ulcers and injuries
  • Swelling and discomfort

Viasox is proud to be a North American-based company. All of our products are available for purchase online on our store, and cannot be found at any third-party sellers. You can rest-assured that you are getting the best quality product when you buy directly from our online store!

Available in different sizes and lengths, we offer a wide range of different sock options for our customers. Available in both knee or crew length styles, our non-binding diabetics socks are a great option for those who don’t want to experience additional compression on their lower limbs. Also available in our online store is our line of knee high compression socks designed to increase blood flow to the feet, and comfortable and casual ankle socks for everyday wear. Shop our collection of diabetic socks online today to peruse our available products, all available with hassle-free delivery directly to your home.