foot coming out of the ground wearing ghost socks
foot coming out of the ground wearing ghost socks

Scare the pain away with Our COMPRESSION Diabetic Halloween Socks!

  • Specifically designed for people with varicose veins and edema
  • 12-15 mmHg graduated compression for all-day comfort and energy
  • Easy on and off experience
  • All Treats. No Tricks.

    All Treats. No Tricks.

    Stop struggling to put on compression socks with Viasox compression socks that are specifically made for people with larger calves and who have a hard time putting on traditional compression socks

    Mild 12-15 mmHg compression making it EASIER to put on than any other compression sock

    Specifically made for people with diabetes and geriatric people

    Significantly less pain at night, making it easy to fall asleep

    hands unable to stretch compression bat socks

    Not Intended To Stretch

    Snug-fitting socks designed for a tight and supportive fit

    Here’s why people with diabetes are obsessed with our Non-Binding Socks:

    Meet the Spookiest solution to varicose veins and edema

    Here’s why people with diabetes are obsessed with our Compression Diabetic Socks:

    Professional-grade compression designed for people with diabeties

    Restores energy to heavy, swollen legs & feet

    The fanciest socks on the market
    so you can look at your legs & feet and smile

    Antimicrobial bamboo material prevents
    infections, reduces odors and keep feet dry

    Seamless toe design prevents foot ulcers,
    rubbing and more



    Legs of a lady wearing black and white diabetic socks
    Jenice L.
    Should have bout her the leopard ones lol
    My mom loves them so far. She has sciatica nerve issues, where she has already had neck surgery and the next is her back. So I ordered the socks because her legs go numb a lot. I chose both knee and calf length because I wasn't sure what would work on her. I'll keep you posted on how it if it works out.
    Legs of a lady with multicolor concentric pattern socks on
     Don S.
    Pet soft socks
    Get fit and nice and soft, soles are the best, softest part of the sock. Will recommend Viasox’s to all my friends and Family
    Legs of a lady wearing graffiti pattern compression socks
    Jason M.
    My first two pair of Viasox compression socks
    These are my first two pair of Viasox compression socks. I’m not diabetic but I’m on my feet a lot. These socks are now my best friends. I recommend get more long Funky Viasox compression socks. I feel so good wearing them.
    Leg on the table showcasing cheetah pattern compression socks
    Theresa R.
    Comfy & supportive
    They are very soft & comfortable to wear and yet still provide the support & compression my mom needs. They also will give her variety in what she wears. Thank you.
    Legs showcasing concentric diabetes socks
    Carole E.
    Love my socks they are
    Love my socks they are not hard to get on at all and are so comfortable I don't know I have them on..not to mention how cool I think they look
    Legs of a lady wearing dog pattern diabetic socks
    Kathryn L.
    The Best Buy you’ll ever make!
    Absolutely love these Soxs!! When I ordered them I was hesitant, you know the feeling, they had to be “to good to be true “”. We’ll you know what, they are the most amazing things I’ve ever had on my feet!! I bought 1 or of compression and 2 regular with a pair of mystery Sox’s added in.
    Person sitting on a chair wearing cat pattern compression socks
    Jenny M.
    Great socks for Mom
    I bought these for my mother who is going to be 98 years old and living in a care facility. She is still quite active but swollen legs is a problem. She loved the cat and dog prints. They really are the only socks that actually will work for her. Thank you!

    How Can Non-Binding Diabetic Socks Help With My Neuropathy?

    Two feet wearing compression socks with pumpkins and basket at the back

    How Can Compression Socks Help With My VARICOSE VEINS OR EDEMA?

    Poor blood flow circulation in your legs causes blood to pool which results in the swelling of the legs and feet.

    Viasox Compression Socks reverse this effect by applying mild yet comfortable pressure on your legs pushing blood back up to your heart.

    This reduces painful swelling, and improves the energy in your legs throughout the day!



    What is Viasox?

    Viasox is a North American diabetic-assistance brand. We are dedicated to empowering the diabetic community with specially designed products aimed at increasing the quality of life of diabetics around the globe.

    How will Viasox Compression socks help my overall energy?

    Viasox are designed with holistic quality of life in mind. That’s why, unlike some compression socks out there, Viasox Compression socks come fitted with a graduated compression design. This encourages healthy blood-flow back up towards the heart, and helps mitigate the build up of fluid in the foot. As a result, customers report and increase of vitality, allowing them to spend less time worrying about their feet, and more time enjoying their lives.

    Are Viasox Compression socks stretchy?

    No, not really. Not to be confused with some of our Non-Binding Diabetic Socks, the benefits offered by Viasox Compression socks are specifically related to their compression (pressure application) of the foot and therefore do not stretch very much. If you are looking for a VERY stretchy sock, please check out our Non-Binding Diabetic Socks!

    How can I best take advantage of this Viasox Promotion?

    In order for us to give as much value as possible to our customers, we are offering some great bundles and also created a Rewards Bar! In other words, the more you add to cart, the more gifts we will throw in, on us!

    How do I know if Compression Socks are for me?

    While most diabetics can benefit from our Viasox Compression Socks, anybody on their feet for a solid portion of their day can appreciate the energy-boosting benefits as well!

    Who can benefit from wearing Viasox Compression Diabetic Socks?

    Viasox Compression Diabetic Socks are perfect for anyone who sits or stands for long periods of time at their job or experience varicose veins or edema. 

    When Will I Receive My Package?

    All orders take 1-3 business days to process after your order is placed. Thereafter, packages will take 4-8 business days to reach you. Your confirmation email received upon ordering will enclose your package’s ETA. Please note, the ETA is an estimate and does not account for weekends or holidays. There are no shipment notification emails sent.

    What Payment-Types Do We Accept?

    We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit Visas and PayPal.To set up with PayPal – please Email us at

    Does Viasox Do Returns?

    Due to the sensitive nature of our products, it is our policy to not accept returns or exchanges. The reason for this is that at Viasox, quality control and integrity are very important to us. One of the ways to ensure the quality and integrity of our products is that every single product that leaves our fulfillment centers is sent directly from Viasox, to our customers. For further information regarding our 14 day satisfaction policy, please read here.

    What If I Received The Wrong Size/Pattern Than What I Ordered?

    If you have received something other than what you were expecting, please email us at within five days of receiving your socks. You will be asked to provide us with a photo of the item that you received for verification. If you do contact us after the five-day period, we may not be able to assist you with any concerns regarding your items.

    What If I Received Something Damaged?

    If you have received something other than what you were expecting, please email us at within five days of receiving your order. Please make sure it's in the same condition as received and in its original packaging. As your order may not be eligible for a replacement if it has been washed, has visible wear or damage, and is not in the original packaging, including outer sleeves and tags. If you do contact us after the five-day period, we may not be able to assist you with any concerns regarding your items.