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Desert Sunrise
Diabetic Ankle Socks

Desert Sunrise Diabetic Ankle Socks

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Everything you love about our Non-Binding socks but in a shorter style!

Triple-padded support for extra comfort in every step

Specifically designed to combat diabetic neuropathy

Infused with antimicrobial bamboo to minimize bacteria growth

Seamless toe design to reduce blisters and foot ulcers

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Protected & Insured Packages
Around the Clock Support
Proudly North American
Always Giving Back

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Why Viasox Ankle Socks?

Two feet wearing boats pattern ankle diabetic socks

Why Viasox Ankle Diabetic Socks?

Whether it's summertime or you just love short socks, Viasox Ankle Socks are PACKED with everything you need:

Designed to maximize breathability

Infused with odor-fighting properties

Perfect combination of fashion and function

Extra padding means less pain and more comfort

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  • Unrestricted calf

    Unrestricting Calf

    Proper fit around the calf reduces sock marks that cause irritation and swelling.

  • Seamless toe

    Seamless Toe

    Seamless toe design reduces the risk of blisters, ulcers, and infections to ensure your toes are safe and comfortable.

  • Triple padded soles

    Triple Padded Bottom

    The extra toe to heel padding improves shock absorption so you can enjoy your day-to-dayactivities without pain!

  • Anti-odor and antimicrobial fabric

    Odor Resistant &Antimicrobial

    Bamboo keeps your feet free of moisture & bacteria reducing the risk of infection while staying breathable.

  • Maybe you’re wondering...

    How do Viasox Ankle Socks Stay Up Without An Elastic Band?

    Viasox Non-Binding socks are made of a world-class cotton/nylon/spandex blend that evenly distributes the tightness around your leg, keeping your socks up all day.

    What's The Difference Between Viasox Diabetic Ankle Socks And Other Brands?

    Viasox are the stretchiest fancy diabetic socks on the market designed to fit even the largest legs and feet. Without this ultra-stretchy design, people with poor blood flow circulation in their legs and feet risk further diabetic neuropathy complications and sock mark irritation.

    Why Are Viasox Ankle Socks Essential For People With Diabetes?

    High blood sugar (glucose) can injure nerves throughout the body and diabetic neuropathy most often damages nerves in the legs and feet. That’s why it’s important to wear Viasox Non-Binding Diabetic socks because their ultra-stretchy design promotes healthy blood flow.

    Will Viasox Diabetic Ankle Socks Go Up To My Knees?

    We have a variety of different socks lengths – ankle, crew and knee-high. If you’re looking for socks that go up to your knees, please select “knee-high” when choosing your size.

    What Debra had to say about how Viasox helped her Varicose Veins

    How Viasox helped Debra's Diabetic Neuropathy


    Said Viasox has helped with the numbness, tingling, sharp, burning or similar pains in their legs or feet


    Agree that Viasox are the stretchiest socks they’ve ever owned


    Would recommend Viasox to a friend or family member

    *Results according to clinical/consumer studies.

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    What Are Non-Binding Diabetic Socks Made Of?

    Two feet wearing travel USA printed diabetic ankle socks

    What Are Diabetic Ankle Socks Made Of?

    Viasox Diabetic Ankle Socks are made from extremely fine-textured fabrics thatmake them comfortable for all-day wear.

    55% Polyester so that the colors stay bright

    26% Bamboo Charcoal for the antimicrobial properties

    11% Cotton for the extra durability and warmth

    8% Lycra to make them stretchier than any other sock

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    Over $440,000 Contributed to Diabetic Charities!

    Over $440,000 Contributed to Diabetic Charities!

    Viasox is proud of our legacy of giving back. Through past initiatives, including our $1-per-order program, we've collectively contributed over $440,000 to charitable causes focused on diabetes. Thank you for being part of this positive impact.

    Diabetic Impact

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    Desert Sunrise Diabetic Ankle Socks


    Desert Sunrise: Cushioned Ankle Socks with a Splash of Color

    Diabetes management calls for socks that bring protection, support and comfort. That's exactly what you get with Desert Sunrise cushioned ankle socks. They not only provide crucial health features but also come with a vibrant Desert Sunrise pattern.

    Key Features of Desert Sunrise Cushioned Ankle Socks

    • Triple-Padded Support for Comfortable Steps

    Desert Sunrise ankle socks are designed with triple-padded support to ensure that each step you take is cushioned and comfortable. This extra padding helps alleviate the foot pressure, making the socks ideal for all-day use.

    • Designed with Diabetic Neuropathy in Mind

    Coping with the discomforts of diabetic neuropathy can be tough. Our Desert Sunrise cushioned ankle socks are specifically designed to address this, offering features that reduce discomfort and promote healthier feet.

    • Antimicrobial Bamboo Infusion for Healthy Feet

    Desert Sunrise cushioned ankle socks are infused with antimicrobial bamboo. This helps minimize bacteria growth, encouraging healthier feet and reducing potential foot problems.

    • Seamless Toe Design to Protect Your Feet

    Our cushioned ankle socks feature a seamless toe design to help prevent blisters and foot ulcers. This design reduces friction and irritation, ensuring your feet stay comfy and protected.

    Why Choose Desert Sunrise Cushioned Ankle Socks

    When it comes to foot care for diabetes, Desert Sunrise cushioned ankle socks tick all the right boxes. They provide triple-padded support, a seamless toe design, and antimicrobial properties. All these features come together to deliver protection and comfort, making them a dependable choice for those keen to improve their foot health. Choose Desert Sunrise cushioned ankle socks for everyday comfort and style.