Diabetes in Men — Signs, Symptoms, & What To Do

Diabetes in Men — Signs, Symptoms, & What To Do

For many men newly diagnosed with diabetes, learning all about the common symptoms and best treatment options can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. As the disease continues to become more prevalent in North America and around the world, increasing access to information about the disease has never been more important.

So, with this in mind, we’ve created this helpful guide on important information about diabetes that we want you to know.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is an endocrine (hormone) disorder that affects the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin. Insulin, which is a hormone created in the pancreas, is responsible for regulating our blood sugar levels after we eat a meal. When our body does not respond adequately to insulin, our blood sugar levels can remain high for prolonged periods of time, resulting in significant damage to the entire body. 

There are two primary types of diabetes:

  • Type I diabetes — Caused by the immune system attacking the pancreas, people with type I diabetes do not produce enough insulin to properly regulate their blood sugar levels. This is the less common form of diabetes and is often diagnosed at birth.

  • Type II diabetes — Associated with lifestyle factors such as exercise levels and body mass index (BMI), type II diabetes is the more common form of the disease. People with this type of diabetes can create enough insulin, but their body is no longer able to use it properly to control their blood sugar levels.

  • According to the CDC, over 34 million Americans (or 10.5% of the American population) have diabetes, with men making up a larger portion of this demographic. These numbers are expected to increase over the coming years, which will result in additional stress on modern healthcare systems.

    What are the signs and symptoms of diabetes?

    Because uncontrolled diabetes leads to significant fluctuations in a person’s blood sugar levels, the symptoms of the disease can be felt throughout the entire body. Some of the most common early signs and symptoms of diabetes in men include:

    • Constant thirst and hunger
    • Unexpected weight loss
    • Frequent need to urinate
    • Slow-healing wounds
    • Visual disturbances
    • Fatigue

    If left untreated, these symptoms can lead to the development of serious and potentially life-threatening complications. Examples of diabetes-related complications in men include:

    • Neuropathy (nerve damage), primarily in the hands and feet
    • Cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure
    • Nephropathy (kidney damage)
    • Retinopathy (visual disturbances and damage to the retina)

    What are some ways to better manage my diabetes from home?

    For those who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes, finding ways to manage their symptoms is essential for improving their quality of life. While the first and most important step of diabetes management is getting connected to a medical professional who can prescribe a personalized treatment plan, there are lifestyle changes that a person can make to improve their condition on their own. Examples of lifestyle changes that men can take to better regulate their diabetes include:

  • Making dietary changes  — What we eat has a major impact on our overall health. Foods high in refined sugar such as desserts, pasta, bread, and processed foods can cause sharp increases in our blood sugar levels after consumption. Eating a diet that is low in refined sugars is one way to reduce the amplitude of blood sugar spikes and crashes throughout the day.

  • Increasing daily exercise levels — Exercise helps to better regulate our body. Participating in daily exercise (even non-aerobic exercise such as walking, yoga, or tai chi) can have a positive effect on your overall health and diabetes symptoms.

  • Practicing proper foot hygiene and care — As the furthest extremity, it is common for men with diabetes to experience symptoms of neuropathy and pain in their feet earlier than other areas of the body. Practicing excellent foot hygiene and wearing diabetic socks for men are some ways to reduce the risk of injury and infection in the feet.

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