Reverse neuropathy

If you're someone who deals with diabetic neuropathy, you know exactly how debilitating the condition can be and how it can impede you from your day-to-day lifestyle. Diabetic neuropathy occurs due to nerve damage caused by high blood sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream. If left unchecked, this nerve damage can cause excruciating pain, most often in the legs and feet. 

We probably don't need to get into how consistent pain in your legs and feet can negatively impact your life. However, if you are dealing with diabetic neuropathy, you may believe the condition can never be reversed. That is not the case! 

This article will outline effective methods for treating and reversing your neuropathy. The goal is to reduce your neuropathy pain to the point where you can enjoy your normal lifestyle again, all in seven days. 

Can Neuropathy Be Reversed? 

Whether or not diabetic neuropathy can be fully cured depends on how long the diabetic neuropathy has gone untreated. Nevertheless, if you take the right steps in treating your neuropathy, it can significantly improve your symptoms and reduce pain to a much more manageable level. 

Can Foot Neuropathy Be Reversed? 

Most people with diabetes who suffer from neuropathy pain feel the pain most in their feet. Diabetic neuropathy foot pain can range from numbness and mild discomfort to throbbing soreness and sharp pain. If you suffer from foot pain due to diabetic neuropathy, there are methods that you can follow to reduce your neuropathic foot pain. 

How To Reverse Neuropathy 

Here are tips on the best ways to reduce diabetic neuropathy and reverse the pain within 7 days. 

  • Stop Smoking

While quitting smoking may be challenging, there is an increased risk of neuropathy for those who smoke. When you quit smoking, you help to improve your circulation and reduce pain. 

  • Improve Your Diet 

Many people with diabetes know how crucial a balanced diet is for their overall health, and the management of diabetic neuropathy is no different. A balanced diet helps to control your blood sugar, which will help with your diabetic neuropathy as well. 

  • Treat Your Pain, Don't Ignore It

Like we said earlier, diabetic neuropathy pain becomes harder and harder to treat the longer it goes unchecked. If you're feeling pain or discomfort that could be due to neuropathy, you should advise your doctor right away. 

  • Take Care of Your Feet

It may seem like a no-brainer that taking care of your feet would help with diabetic neuropathy pain, but you'd be surprised at how many people with diabetes neglect to care for their feet—a crucial aspect of managing diabetic neuropathy. This may be the most important method of treating diabetic neuropathy of all the ones we've listed here, which leads us to our next point…

  • Wear Diabetic Socks

Investing in a high-quality pair of diabetic socks can reduce and even reverse the pain caused by diabetic neuropathy in your legs and feet. For diabetic socks, we always recommend Viasox non-binding socks

Neuropathy Care: How Viasox Can Reverse Your Diabetic Neuropathy Pain 

Unlike other diabetic sock companies, Viasox diabetic socks are thoughtfully designed to include features that specifically help people with diabetes get back on their feet again. 

Viasox non-binding diabetic socks offer: 

  1. Bamboo Charcoal Material Construction: People with diabetes are more prone to cuts and abrasions on their feet, increasing the risk of dangerous infections. Because of this, Viasox uses activated charcoal, which is naturally antibacterial. This helps to reduce the risk of infections on your feet significantly. 
  2. Stretchy, Non-Binding Fit: Diabetic neuropathy pain is often exacerbated due to poor blood flow in the legs and feet. Viasox features a comfortable, non-binding fit, allowing for greater blood flow to these areas, which helps to keep your feet pain-free. 
  3. Triple-Padded Soles: Viasox non-binding socks feature triple-padded soles, allowing you to stay comfortable all day, even if you're on your feet for extended periods.
  4. Seamless Toe Construction: Viasox non-binding socks feature a seamless toe design, eliminating irritating seams that can cause friction and blisters. This ensures maximum comfort and protection for sensitive feet, making them ideal for people with diabetes who need to avoid any potential sources of irritation.
  5. Plenty of Fun Styles to Choose From: This might be our favorite thing about Viasox. Most diabetic sock companies only offer their socks in boring neutral colors, such as black, grey, and white. At Viasox, we believe that your diabetic socks should be stylish, which is why we offer a wide variety of funcolorful styles to choose from

Conclusion - To Reverse Diabetic Neuropathy, Wear Viasox Today!

Diabetic socks are proven to help with diabetic neuropathy pain, and Viasox is our pick for the best diabetic socks on the market. After 7 days of wearing Viasox non-binding socks, you'll be able to feel the benefits and get back to a pain-free lifestyle you can enjoy! 

And that's not all. With over $442,000 donated so far, we're making a significant impact together! At Viasox, our mission goes beyond selling products; it's about building a community and support system for those living with diabetes. When you wear our socks, you become part of a movement dedicated to tackling diabetes with style and comfort.