Understanding Graduated Compression Socks: Benefits, Uses, and Selection Guide

Graduated compression socks

At Viasox, we want to let everyone know about the benefits of wearing graduate compression socks. If you’ve heard about graduated compression socks and want more info before trying a pair out, this is definitely the article for you! 

We’ll be going through all of the benefits that graduated compression socks can add to your lifestyle, and every you’ll need to know to choose the right pair of graduated compression socks for you. Let’s pull up our socks (pun intended) and take a look at what these amazing socks can provide to your life.

Compression socks apply graduated pressure to your legs and feet, pushing the blood back to your heart, improving circulation, and reducing painful swelling. 

Whom Can Mild Compression Socks Help?

If you’ve stumbled across this article, that must mean you’ve heard of some of the benefits that compression socks bring to the table. Compression socks can help a variety of different people, due to a variety of different symptoms or conditions you may have. 

First and foremost, people with diabetes are probably the group that can benefit most from wearing compression socks. This is because people with diabetes can suffer from poor circulation, causing painful swelling in the legs and feet. 

People who suffer from varicose veins will also feel the benefits of wearing compression socks. If you’re a woman, have family members who have varicose veins, are older in age, are overweight, pregnant, or stand for extended periods of time daily, you’re at a greater risk of developing varicose veins unless you invest in a pair of compression socks. 

If you’re confined to a wheelchair, you’re also at a greater risk of having poor blood circulation in the legs and feet. This can be helped by wearing compression socks. 

Athletes are another group of people that should try wearing compression socks. This is because the improved blood flow to the legs can aid in the recovery of the muscles after strenuous activities, such as sports, or working out. 

What Are the Benefits of Mild Compression Socks? 

There are so many benefits to wearing compression socks. We truly cannot understate it. Benefits of graduated compression socks include: 

  • Reducing painful swelling in the legs and feet 
  • Improving blood circulation for those with diabetes
  • Reducing the risk and appearance of varicose veins
  • Improving the recovery of muscles post-workout
  • Reducing the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis and blood clots
  • Improves blood flow for those who stand for extended periods of time daily 

If these benefits sound like something that will help your lifestyle, then you should invest in a pair of compression socks. But what kind of compression socks should you choose? We’ve got you covered on that front as well. 

What Are Graduated Compression Socks? – Graduated Compression Socks Grade

The type of compression socks you choose will also influence the types of benefits you receive from them. For most cases, we strongly recommend graduated compression socks. Graduated compression socks are compression socks that have the most amount of compression at the ankles, with the compression gradually decreasing up the garment to your legs. 

Graduated compression socks are the top recommended compression socks for being with the above symptoms because graduated compression socks are the most comfortable and easiest to wear, providing you with all the benefits while also being easy to take on and take off. 

At Viasox, we offer 12-15mmHg compression socks, which offer comfortable, beneficial graduate compression to the legs and feet. Don’t believe us? Check out these numbers:

  • 86% of Viasox customers say that Viasox are the only compression socks they can wear 
  • 93% say that Viasox are the most comfortable socks they own 
  • 98% say that they would recommend Viasox to a friend or family member

There are multiple different compression sock grades, including: 

  • 12-15mmHg – this is what Viasox offers, which is a mild, comfortable compression sock grade 
  • 20-30mmHg – this is medical-grade compression, which should only be prescribed by a doctor
  • 30-40mmHg – very strong medical-grade compression, only for severe patients 

For most people, 12-15mmHg socks will provide the necessary compression needed to help them get back on their feet and receive the benefits we’ve outlined above. 

Best Graduated Compression Socks: Viasox is Our Pick 

Overall, when considering which brand of graduated compression socks to buy, it can be daunting with the amount of choice that is available on the market. We however think the choice is simple, Viasox is the way to go.


Viasox is the only brand of diabetic compression socks designed to give you help where you need it most. Our graduated compression socks feature 12-15 mmHg graduated compression, making them perfect for everyday use. This means that you’ll be able to experience all-day energy to your legs and feet and reduce painful swelling. 

Viasox compression socks also feature: 

  • Antimicrobial bamboo construction – to keep your feet clean, dry, and infection-free
  • Seamless toe designs to reduce the risk of irritation and ulcers
  • Dozens of fun styles so you don’t have to wear boring socks! 

If that wasn’t enough, we have donated more than $440,000 to diabetic charities to support and help people with diabetes live healthy lives. So slip into a pair of Viasox compression socks and receive the amazing benefits today! 

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