Collection: Colorful


Who said diabetic socks need to be boring? At Viasox, we proudly carry fun and unique diabetic sock designs to keep your feet comfortable and stylish. Our collection of bulk men’s and women’s colorful diabetic socks are fancy, groovy, bold, and fun — making them a fun statement piece for any outfit.


What colorful diabetic socks do you stock?

Designed to be non-restrictive and incredibly comfortable, our collection of fancy diabetic socks is sure to have something for everyone. With fun and groovy pattern options including space scenes, polka dots, and animal-based prints available, we are confident that you will be able to find something you love.

What is the recommended care for colorful diabetic socks?

We recommend that you wash Viasox colorful diabetic socks in a regular load of laundry, cold or warm wash. They can be in the dryer on the low heat setting or can be air-dried on a rack. To extend the life of your diabetic socks, we recommend avoiding the use of harsh chemicals like bleach or fabric softeners.. Viasox products should be washed after every use to help maintain the antimicrobial properties of the activated charcoal components.

How do I pick the right colorful diabetic sock for me?

Viasox is committed to helping out customers find the perfect pair of comfortable and stylish diabetic socks for their needs. Available in a wide variety of men’s and women’s sizes, our socks are designed to be non-binding in nature to avoid painful calf marks. 

Using our helpful size guide, every customer is able to determine which size of sock will be able to provide the protection and stretch needed to keep their toes, feet, and lower extremities safe. With all sizes capable of accommodating a calf circumference of 30 inches, all Viasox products offer comfort and breathability to your feet.