Two legs wearing blue diabetic socks with a side of a sock being stretched
Hand stretching a sock worn on two standing legs

Diabetic Socks For Instant Neuropathy Pain Relief

  • Reduces the burning, stabbing and tingling pains in your feet & legs
  • Protects your feet from neuropathy with triple padded bamboo soles
  • Non-Binding design eliminates irritating socks marks
  • Tired of Numb, Tingling Feet & Legs?

    Tired of Numb, Tingling Feet & Legs?

    Diabetic Neuropathy is an invisible pain nobody seems to understand. But Viasox does. That’s why we’re dedicated to fighting your:

    Burning, “Stabbing” nerve zaps

    Throbbing, swollen leg and foot pain

    Pesky tingling and numb sensations

    Discomfort from sock ring imprints

    Foot ulcers, infections and nerve sensitivity issues

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  • Meet the STRETCHIEST solution to Diabetic Neuropathy

    Meet the STRETCHIEST solution to Diabetic Neuropathy

    Here’s why people with diabetes are obsessed with our Non-Binding Socks:

    Triple padded support for all-day foot protection from diabetic neuropathy

    The stretchiest socks on the market making them easy to put on and take off

    Non-binding to eliminate irritating and painful sock marks

    Anti-microbial bamboo material prevents infections, reduces odors and keep feet dry

    Seamless toe design prevents foot ulcers, rubbing, infections and more

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