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If you’re someone with diabetes, you know taking care of your legs and feet is a crucial aspect of leading a happy and healthy life overall.

Many people with diabetes deal with issues of the legs and feet, including neuropathy (nerve damage), swelling, and increased risk of wounds and infection. Because of this, protecting the health of your feet is important, as neglecting the health of your feet as a diabetic can lead to serious and debilitating issues that can limit your ability to do simple tasks such as standing and walking.

One way to ensure you’re protecting the health of your feet as a person with diabetes is to invest in a high-quality pair of socks that help with circulation, such as compression socks. Because many of the issues that people with diabetes face with their feet are related to blood flow problems, wearing compression socks is extremely beneficial since compression socks help promote proper blood flow, allowing you to reduce swelling, pain, and soreness in your feet.

Do Compression Socks Help With Swelling?

People with diabetes can often deal with swelling and edema in their feet, due to a variety of issues, including poor blood circulation, which is often caused by

This poor blood circulation leads to fluid buildup in your veins, which often seeps out into the surrounding tissue, causing swelling. The extremities (such as your legs, feet, and ankles) are often the place where swelling and edema most commonly occur, due to the gravity causing the fluid to pool in these areas.

Compression socks help to improve blood circulation by forcing blood up from your feet and back to your heart, which in turn helps to reduce swelling and edema. They help to support your veins and reduce fluid buildup, which greatly reduces the pain associated with edema and swelling.

Should Diabetics Wear Compression Socks? – Yes!

Since compression socks help with blood circulation, swelling, and the prevention of edema, they are a great healthcare tool to add to your toolkit when looking at ways to improve your health as a person with diabetes.

Compression socks also help to prevent or reduce the severity of varicose veins, which are another common issue that people with diabetes face when it comes to the health of their legs and feet. Since varicose veins are caused by poor blood circulation, compression socks can help to reduce their severity and improve the overall appearance of varicose veins in the legs.

The Best Socks That Help With Circulation – Viasox Compression Socks

Compression socks greatly help with circulation by applying pressure to your feet – but not all compression socks are built the same. Since many different people can benefit from wearing compression socks (such as athletes and those who spend lots of time on their feet) – it’s best to search for compression socks that contain features that are specifically designed to aid in your diabetic needs.

That’s why we love Viasox.

Viasox compression socks are made specifically for people with diabetes, so they’re chock-full of features designed to improve your comfort and the health of your swollen feet.

Some of the features Viasox compression socks include:

  1. Graduated Compression for Improved Comfort

Viasox compression socks are made to be comfortable and feature a graduated compression of 12-15mmHg. This means you’ll be able to easily put on and take off these socks, which is a plus. Most compression socks feature high levels of compression, which means they can prove to be uncomfortable for people with large legs.

  1. Anti-Microbial Bamboo Construction to Prevent Infections

Since many diabetic people suffer from neuropathy and nerve damage, their feet are more prone to unnoticed injuries and infections. Viasox compression socks feature anti-microbial bamboo, which helps to prevent dangerous infections and keep your feet healthy.

  1. Dozens of fun styles to choose from

Most diabetic compression socks are available in standard neutral colors such as black, white, and grey. Viasox changes things up by offering a wide variety of constantly updated colors and styles, allowing you to show off your style while also being conscious of the health of your legs and feet.

In Conclusion – Compression Socks Are Crucial for People with Diabetes

If you’re someone with diabetes who deals with ankle swelling, edema, and pain, Viasox diabetic socks might be the answer you need to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle again.

Viasox donates $1 of every sale to diabetic charities, showcasing their dedication to helping people with diabetes live happy lives again.

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