Gray Non-Binding Diabetic Thin Socks

Gray Non-Binding Diabetic Thin Socks

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    Gray Non-Binding Diabetic Thin Socks

    Are you looking for comfortable and utilitarian diabetic socks that won’t leave painful restriction marks on your calves? Designed with plenty of stretch and additional padding for the toes and feet, our line of non-binding gray diabetic socks is becoming increasingly popular for both their function and style.

    Our gray non-binding diabetic socks

    Made from a blend of high-quality polyester, lycra, cotton, and activated charcoal, Viasox gray diabetic socks offer antimicrobial support to your feet while also preventing the formation of painful calf marks. Available in a wide variety of men’s and women’s sizes, our gray diabetic socks can be purchased in bulk packs of eight to make stocking up on the essentials easier than ever before. 

    Every size of our socks is capable of accommodating a calf circumference of 30 inches without restriction. To find the perfect size for your next purchase of Viasox diabetic socks, please refer to our helpful size chart.