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Horsing Around
Diabetic Compression Socks

Horsing Around Diabetic Compression Socks

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Sale price $34 USD Regular price $40 USD
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Provides all-day energy in the legs and feet

Graduated compression helps combat varicose veins and edema 

Tight around the ankle and loose at the top for an easy on/off experience

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Protected & Insured Packages
Around the Clock Support
Proudly North American
Always Giving Back

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Why Viasox Compression Diabetic Socks?

Why Viasox Compression Diabetic Socks?

Strop struggling to put on compression socks with Viasox compression socks that are specifically made for people with larger calves and who have a hard time putting on traditional compression socks

Mild 12-15 mmHg compression making it EASIER to put on than any other compression sock

Specifically made for people with diabetes and geriatric people

Significantly less pain at night, making it easy to fall asleep

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  • Foot on cloud

    Easy On & Easy Off

    These are the stretchiest and EASIEST compressions socks to put on in the market

  • Compression circulation

    Healthy Blood Flow

    Push the blood back up to your heart with mild compression that doesn't strangle your legs

  • 12 - 15 mmHG

    Graduated Compression

    The perfect amount of pressure tailored specifically to people with diabetes

  • Bamboo fabric

    Bamboo Material

    Moisture-wicking & odor
    repelling material reduces the risk of infection.

  • Maybe you’re wondering...

    What's The Difference Between Viasox Compression Diabetic Socks And Other Brands?

    Simply put... Viasox Compression Socks are compression socks you can actually wear. Stop fighting with compression socks and getting prescribed something you can't use. Our 12-15 mmHg gradient design, makes them easy to put on and take off while remaining an effective solution for complications such as varicose veins and edema.

    Why Are Viasox Compression Socks Essential For People With Diabetes?

    Uncontrolled levels of blood glucose damage the veins and can delay blood passing through some smaller blood vessels in the legs and feet. That’s why it’s important to wear Viasox Compression Socks because they are designed to actively push blood away from your legs and feet and back to your heart.

    How Will Viasox Diabetic Compression Socks Make Me Feel?

    Your Viasox Compression Socks will feel tight but just right. Infused with powerful anti-microbial properties, our socks are highly breathable and go to work immediately so you can say goodbye to heavy legs and hello to all-day energy!

    What Diane had to say about how Viasox helped her Neuropathy

    How Viasox helped Diane's Varicose Veins


    Say Viasox are the only compression sock they can actually wear


    Said Viasox are the most comfortable socks they’ve ever worn


    Would recommend Viasox to a friend or family?

    *Results according to clinical/consumer studies.Get Viasox Now

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    What Are Diabetic Compression Socks Made Of?

    What Are Viasox Diabetic Compression Socks Made Of?

    Viasox Compression Socks are made from extremely fine-textured fabrics that make them comfortable for all-day wear.

    63% Polyester so that the colors stay bright

    26% Bamboo Charcoal for the anti-microbial properties

    11% Cotton for the extra durability and warmth

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    Over $400,000 Donated to Charity!

    Over $400,000 Donated to Charity!

    With every order from Viasox, we’ve donated $1 to diabetic charities. With over $400,000 donated so far, together we are making an impact!

    Diabetic Impact

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    Horsing Around Diabetic Compression Socks


    Horsing Around: Horse Compression Socks for Everyday Comfort and Health

    Walking with comfort while embracing a passion for horses is now possible with Horsing Around horse compression socks. Designed for individuals who require specialized care for their feet and legs or love a unique equestrian touch in their wardrobe, these socks are perfect for daily wear.

    Key Features of Horsing Around Compression Socks:

    • All-Day Energy Support: Horsing Around horse compression socks provide energy for your legs and feet, keeping them revitalized throughout the day. Whether it's work, leisure, or outdoor activities, these socks support an active lifestyle.
    • Graduated Compression: These horse compression socks offer graduated compression to promote better blood circulation. This aids in relief from swelling or the discomfort of varicose veins and edema.
    • Ease of Wearing: With a mild compression level of 12-15 mmHg, Horsing Around socks are easy to put on and take off. This ease of use ensures that comfort never has to be a struggle.
    • Quality Fabric Blend: Infused with antimicrobial bamboo, the fabric ensures durability and comfort, maintaining the vibrancy of colors and providing warmth while minimizing bacteria growth.
    • Cushioned Comfort: The triple-padded soles in these socks cushion each step, offering comfort and an added layer of protection for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.
    • Elegant Horse Pattern: The distinctive horse pattern in Horsing Around sets these socks apart. The design resonates with the love for horses and adds a unique touch to your daily wear.

    Why Choose Horsing Around Horse Compression Socks?

    Horsing Around horse compression socks combine essential attributes for comfort, ease of use, and health benefits. The added touch of the horse pattern gives these socks a distinguished appearance. Whether managing leg health or adding a touch of personality to your daily wear, these horse compression socks are a reliable choice.